The pages of the swordsmith Peter Johnsson

The ancient greek name for the double edged sword is Xiphos, “Xi“= to pierce/ going through and “Phos“= light, denoting the sword as a weapon of piercing light.┬áIts essential qualities of sharpness, flexibility and balance can be directly translated into powers of the mind.

The sword is and has always been a power object charged with symbolic meaning. Its history, the myths and the legends; the conflict between harsh reality and imagination is what brings the passion into my work. The sword provokes reflections about essential conflicts of beauty and brutality, lofty ideals and crude violence, creation and destruction, knowledge and power. Thus it tells us something about the human nature through history and today.

I am happy that you have come to visit my pages. Here you will find drawings from my sketchbooks, thoughts and observations from research trips, glimpses of work in progress, as well as examples of swords from my smithy, both new and old.
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