Every sword I make is a unique one of a kind artifact. I am reluctant to make the same sword twice, but it can be rewarding to return to a theme several times to explore it further. One of these themes in the Vorpal Sword from Alice Through the Looking Glass: the sword that is used by the young hero to defeat the Jabberwocky. I find this motif fascinating and make new interpretations of the Vorpal Sword from time to time.  I also find the idea of exploring the swords as an expression of a timeless craft to be an inspiring challenge. It is a way to gain a new perspective on both practical aspects of the craft as well as ideas about symbols and ideas relating to the sword.

Regardless if I make a faithful reconstruction of a specific original, a sword out of myth or a design of timeless nature, its function and character will always be true to the tradition of the european sword.
Below are examples of both previous work and new pieces that are available for sale.

In general my prices range from around 3.500 to 6.500 euro (including VAT), but the price may also vary below or above this depending on complexity of the project and the cost of materials. I most often make swords that are sold on available-now basis, but at times I accept commissions.
If you have something special in mind, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

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