In this place you will find various kinds of material. Over time it will grow with thoughts about the craft, reports from research trips, sketches, work-in-progress articles and texts about the history and function of the sword.

The Making of a Long Sword

This article will highlight some of the stages in the making of a long sword. The type belongs to a group of swords that can be identified by some shared characteristics. Almost all are long swords but two are of single hand size. Ewart Oakeshott classified the members of this group into different types depending on subtle differences in the shape of their blades. In his “Records of the Medieval Sword” they are published as being of type XVII, XIX […]

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A sword from River Ljubljanica

  In January of 2012 I was given an opportunity to document several swords from the National Museum of Slovenia that was on loan to the Army Museum in Stockholm. One of these is a 15th century long sword of handsome proportions with the inventory number N4516. A rewarding object of study as it is masterfully made and a fine example of ingenious design in the Gothic tradition.   In a manuscript from 1427 we see Kind David wielding a weapon very […]

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The Søborg Sword

A Study of a 12th Century Weapon During excavations at Søborg castle a number of swords have been unearthed. Many of these are preserved in the National Museum in Copenhagen. One of them (inventory number D 8801) is an especially fine example of a long bladed knightly sword from the high medieval period. It has a typical straight guard and a well formed brazil nut pommel. In the fullers on both sides of the blade there are inscriptions inlaid with […]

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Higher understanding and deeper reckoning

    Geometry in Medieval Design The work of medieval artists, artisans and architects show a fascination for beauty that went further than merely striving for what was pleasing to the eye. Beauty was a way to express ideas of religious and philosophical nature. Medieval art is a language rich with symbols and meaning.

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